One day I decided to change

3 years ago at the same time of the year, I was working with fashion,  developing clothes collections. I worked from home and I had some women's clothing brands as clients.

Also, I was the owner of a virtual store of fashion vectorial drawings. This scenario could look quite interesting, but the truth is that I was extremely unhappy and I didn't realize that. At the time I didn't know, but today I see clearly because my professional activity wasn't stimulating to me.

In the process of the creation of a fashion collection, all the pieces are represented on Fashion technical drawing, and rarely we do artistic illustrations, simply because we didn't have time for that.  The collection needs to be launched inside a schedule,  to be sold and generally, the deadline is quite short.

When I started working with fashion I found all this frantic pace very stimulating, but in the course of time, the “fashion team” became meaningless and fit less and less in my life.

Someday when I took Julia to the Ballet classroom, during a conversation with the mother of her classmate, an alarm rang loud in my head. She confessed to me that was very satisfied with her job and asked me if I was happy professionally. To my surprise, I took some time before answering the question and when she noticed my lack of excitement, She asked me what I like to do the most. This time I answered quickly and without a doubt that my favorite activity was drawing.  So she continued to provoke me and question me if I was drawing frequently. I answered that  I don't draw exactly what I want because I spent most of my time doing a technical drawing of collection pieces.

Against my answer, she said to me: “I am continuing to be a nurse even without liking it because I haven't found what I like to do most yet.  But you know what you want so what are you waiting for?

This rhetorical question rang in my mind for so many days and this was the beginning of the bigger crisis that I had in the fashion profession. I have already been through another crisis since university,  but none of it has changed me so radically. All crisis is an invitation to change and it was the beginning of my journey to be dedicated exclusively to children's illustration.

Continue following me on the blog posts to know more about my professional journey and my new projects.

Translation: Juliane Mesquita

Tania Neiva - Children's illustrator

Tania Neiva

Tania Neiva

I studied Fashion Design and and I did a postgraduate degree in art education. I love art and children's books. So, I decided to dedicate myself to children's illustration.