Starting on digital illustration

Children's illustration is my passion. Lately, I had dedicated my time to work on my original characters and after so many years doing illustration by hand, I decided to give a chance to digital illustration.

The equipment that I choose to draw

If you have a desire to make digital illustrations and you don’t have an idea how to start, I hope that my experience could help you. This is officially my first digital illustration, I did using Autodesk Sketchbook, a free app, available for computers and mobiles. When I decided to make a digital drawing, I wasn’t certain if I’ll continue to do this type of technique, because I had so much affection for tradicional techniques. Because of this, I didn’t invest so much on it, I didn’t know if I liked this experience. I chose Sketchbook, because it is free. It has an appeal to promoting a sensation drawing in a traditional way. This app has a good interface and excellent tools that I liked very much to explorer. After some weeks of doing some illustration tests, I made a selection of my favorite tools that approaches my manual dash trace and I'm very satisfied with the result.

For drawing, I chose to use a digitizer table called One by Wacom. This is an entrance model by Wacom, one of the cheaper brands, but offers good results, too. This digitizer table is perfect for those who want to begin digital drawing. The pen of One by Wacom is sensitive to pressure that gives you a similar experience, the sensation of drawing on paper and It doesn’t need a battery. The One by Wacom is compatible with most of the creative software already available for this pen and a lot of apps and platforms of digital learning on computers Mac and Chromebook.

How I like drawing so much by Hand, I always make my sketches by hand.  After my sketches, I Take them Along to my computer and work on them. My journey was a little longer than I expected because I am so perfectionist but I finally reached my balance. Now I already have a parameter to consider a finished illustration, even knowing that I always could Improve it.  I am learning and enjoying the process.

I started this illustration for posting last Halloween, but It’s finished now, but not to my perfectionism. I had to take time to connect to my inspiration, my daughter Julia. In the last “half-term” of the semester -  that is one week that children have taken a breath of the school  England - I couldn't make illustrations because we spent so much time doing decorations and Halloween activities. But It cheered me up so I could finish my illustration.

I was a little undecided if I should embrace digital illustration as my principal technique because I made a minimum investment just to have my first experience. After I did many tests and spent so many hours doing digital illustration,  I really liked the experience and I decided to continue. With the decision taken for digital drawing, it's time to think about the next steps.

Now, I intend to invest in equipment that brings more quality and agility to my work.  My next acquisition will be the iPad Pro that has the App Procreate an raster graphics editor for digital painting, it’s being developed and published by Savage Interactive for iOS and iPadOS.

Protected in answer to the artistic possibilities of iPad,  the Procreative comes with a Library called Wake me up at 2 of brushes, colors controlling and an interface that optimizes a lot the flow of the work. I am waiting to launch the new iPad 2021 to guarantee the best resources and increase the quality of my illustrations.

Continue to follow me on my journey. Soon I will bring you more news about the digital illustration world.

Translation:Juliane Mesquita

Tania Neiva - Children's illustrator

Tania Neiva

Tania Neiva

I studied Fashion Design and and I did a postgraduate degree in art education. I love art and children's books. So, I decided to dedicate myself to children's illustration.