Cookbook "Ilustre Chocolate"

I’m participating of a course "Ateliê Ilustre" with Ingrid Osternack, a Brazilian chlidren’s book illustrator. Osternack sharen whole the her knowledge about children’s illustration, that has accumulated about 15 years of profession.

This course culminates on a collective book, when each student choose a recipe and make a illustration for that recipe.

About Ingrid Osternack  

Ingrid Osternack was born in Curitiba, Brazil, she graduated in Paint by Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, in Italy, when she lived by 6 years.

In 2005 and 2012 she participated on courses of improvement on children’s illustration by Fondazione Mostra Internazionale di Illustrazione per l’Infanzia Štěpán Zavřel in Sàrmede, Itália.

She is children illustrator with many published book and she’s associated on Sib – Sociedade dos Ilustradores do Brasil (Society of Illustrators of Brazil ) and Abipro – Associação Brasileira dos Ilustradores Profissionais (Brazilian Association of Professional Illustrators).

While she lived in Sweden, she was a member of  Illustratörcentrum and she integrated Brazilian delegation at the Gothenburg Literary Fair, in Sweden, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Itamaraty.

The illustrator's experience

To illustrate children's books, it is not enough to know how to draw, it is necessary to know how to enrich and even complement the text with the illustrations. Also, knowledge of various technical details about editing is required.

The  course complements this gap and was very important for the maturation of my work.

The Illustrator's Experience is the moment when students of the Illustrious Atelier course have a real experience of the entire process of illustrating a book, from draft to publication.

The Book illustration

The illustration of a book goes through several phases, from the initial idea, the analysis of the text, the sketches, and the finalization. Also to full-page illustrations, there are vignettes, which are small illustrations that are used on the title page and in other spaces in the book, such as the book flap and back cover.

I had the experience of doing both types of illustration.

For the main illustration, I chose a healthy brigadeiro recipe, a typical candy from Brazil, kindly provided by  Ju Mesquita. Besides being my sister-in-law and already doing the translations of the blog texts because she is English teacher, she was delicious recipes.

About Ju Mesquita

The content of a book is very important and if it provides a remarkable experience for the reader, even better! As it is a cookbook, I wanted to contribute with a different, delicious and healthy recipe. Lucky for me, I had the perfect person to ask for it! She didn't let me down and gave me a delicious recipe to inspire my work.

When I knew that I would have to choose a recipe for the book, I immediately thought of Ju, because in addition to being an excellent cook, I already knew her kitchen very well and soon I started to imagine what the illustration would look like.

Ju Mesquita is a cooking lover, recipe creator and digital content creator on Social media. About some years ago she changed your cuisine to healthy food and she dedicating all your content in Social media to it. She had many courses about healthy food with one the greatest Chef Cris Gutierrez, about natural fermentation, gluten-free bakery, and confectionery, low carb, vegan and functional cuisine.She had so many classes with another Chefs, like Chef Alex Atala, Helena Rizzo, Emmanuel Bassoleil and Carlos Bertolazzi.

My inspiration

To illustrate, it is necessary to convey the emotion of the characters and the atmosphere of the setting. I already know Ju's house and had already seen her cooking before. So I had an idea of what I wanted to draw. Even so, I made a lot of sketches and modifications, until I got to the final version of the illustration.

I also tested several papers to decide which one I would use in the final illustration. I always prefer to use A3 size to have a larger working area, especially when the illustration has a lot of detail.

I also experimented with drawing the lines with a pencil and a fine pen before deciding what the final illustration would look like.

Some of my sketches

In the illustration, I used a bit of the tropical atmosphere of Juliane's house, where she and my daughter Julia are making brigadeiro, the typical Brasilian candy, on a beautiful sunny day, in the company of their cats and dogs.

I also included many references in the illustration, such as the vintage style of home decor, grandma's armchair, always occupied by a cat, tropical plants, surfboard, frames with phrases, fridge magnets, among others, that those who know the place will identify themselves.

Considering that the book would be released at Easter, I drew eggs scattered around the house, as a subtle reference to the theme.

To finish off my illustrations, I used colored pencils and added some digital touches in Procreate App. For the text location I decided to make a background with soft smoky colors.

Illustration for the recipe page, finished in colored pencils
Main scene of the illustration
Some details with space for text

For the vignette, I drew a chocolate brigadeiro, which will appear on the cover of the book.

Vinheta para a capa do livro

The book is available in e-book and physical book versions. I only participated in the digital version. The cookbook Ilustre Chocolate (Illustrious Chocolate) is  available on Amazon.

"Ilustre Chocolate" book cover 
Illustration Tania Neiva and recipe by Ju Mesquita

I hope you like It.

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Tania Neiva - Children's illustrator

Tania Neiva

Tania Neiva

I studied Fashion Design and and I did a postgraduate degree in art education. I love art and children's books. So, I decided to dedicate myself to children's illustration.