Our Planet Week

This year I'm enjoy the third edition of the movement Our Planet Week, starts on April 22nd Earth Day.

This year your illustrations will help plant 5.000 more trees! This movement use the hashtags #OurPlanetWeek and #earthday on Instagram.

The Story

Our Planet Week illustration movement was founded by digital artist & illustrator Asia Orlando (@asiaorlando_) in 2020, after a series of devastating events that took place during that year, among them, the fire in the Amazon’s and Australia’s bushfires. That’s how the idea of this illustration movement was born. The concept of the illustration movement is to use what we do best to create environmental awareness and start a movement that resonates each year. And maybe reach more and more people to drive change.  2022 will be the third year in which Our Planet Week illustration movement will take place. In the past two editions more than 20.000 illustrations and art creations where shared usign the event hashtags on socials #ourplanetweek and #letsdrawthechange.

This year we partner up again with @onetreeplanted, to plant a tree for every illustration submitted during the challenge using #onetreeplanted. Our goal this year is to plant another 5.000 trees! Let's do it together!


Art is a powerful medium and with the correct message, we can help not only to spread love but also to gather a community of like-minded artists & creatives with a common goal, have a conversation about our current climate situation, and our home planet. By doing just a little, we can achieve so much, and together gathering our pencils, brushes, digital tablets, or anything that enable us to create, we can inspire change.

Important information

I am participating in this movement because I believe that everyone can use their voice to help protect the environment. It's easier for me to use art as an expression to make a difference. It is important to make it clear that this movement is not aimed at self-promotion, but at contributing to something that I truly believe is important for all of us.

I could just do illustrations on any subject and selfishly promote my work. But I believe in putting purpose into everything I do and nature has always been my biggest inspiration. That's why this movement is so important to me.

#OurPlanetWeek is about the Environment
#OurPlanetWeek WILL NOT contact you via email or DM
#OurPlanetWeek DO NOT own or sell your artwork
#OurPlanetWeek IS NOT for you to self-promote
#OurPlanetWeek DO NOT sell stuff or merch
#OurPlanetWeek DO NOT accept or collect donations
#OurPlanetWeek is a NON-PROFIT illustration challenge on Instagram

How to join the illustration event?

To join us, you just need to create 6 illustrations inspired by each one of the 6 prompts you see below, and post them in your account.

For a tree to be planted all entries should have these official hashtags: #ourplanetweek #onetreeplanted #letsdrawthechange and #earthday

If you want your work to be featured tag in the image @ourplanetweek & @onetreeplanted

The theme is Our Planet and the ways in which we can help preserve its beauty.

Official Prompt list

22 April: Earth Day
24 April: Green Living
26 April: Oceans
28 April: Breath
30 April: Climate Heroes
02 May: One Tree Planted

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My Illustrations

Our Planet Week illustration challenge movement was founded by digital artist & illustrator Asia Orlando (@asiaorlando_) in 2020, after a series of devastating events that took place during that year,
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Tania Neiva

Tania Neiva

I studied Fashion Design and and I did a postgraduate degree in art education. I love art and children's books. So, I decided to dedicate myself to children's illustration.