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Hi, Everyone!

I’m starting a new category here on my blog, quite different than everything that I made in the last 12 years, Living in London. In this category I’ll talk about my experience living in the most important and known capital of the world, London.

We moved to London, My husband, my daughter and I, on January 2020. About 6 years ago we decided that we would want to live abroad to develop professionally. We wanted to live in a place where we could have more professional opportunities and we chose English Capital City for so many reasons.

We had, coincidentally, a passion about U.K culture and particularly England. Few countries are more inspiring than the Land of The Queen, that has so many historical landmarks and contributions that revolutionized the world, like television, telephone, Internet and computer, just to talk about some.

My husband is in the technology area and nothing more natural than to be attracted to England, cradle of computation science.

We had our childhood and teenage listening to Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Beatles,  Elton John and other bands and british singers, and continued in our adult life with Coldplay, Radiohead, Oasis, Amy Winehouse, and so many others soundtracks that marked so many moments. Besides the music, movies and British series TV that are our favorites.

When I was a teenager I read so many books from Agatha Christie, J. G. Ballard and Conan Doyle.

Otherwise we identify ourselves with the British way of life, the lush culture, museums and parks.

After dreaming a lot, planning, waiting (waiting and waiting) and settling so many details about our big change in our lives, we could finally go out and visit London without worrying, almost a month after our arrival, we still hadn't visited most of the tourist sights, after all, coming to the city to live is quite different than just visiting as a tourist.

We started 2020 with a big change in our lives, that brought much more challenge than we were waiting for! Shortly after that we arrived, when we still adapted with our new routine, The Corona Virus Epidemic intensified and like most of the world population we had to interrupt our activities to stay on lockdown.

Besides I moved on to another country, I decided to start over from scratch and ride on my big dream of being a children’s illustrator. I was studying for two years and improving my drawing in search of the style that I wanted and now, finally, I’ll start to work hard on my projects. You could follow my work process on my blog.

I hope soon I could give you good news and that things are coming back to normal here and show you more about this beautiful city.

Translation: Juliane Mesquita

Tania Neiva - Children's illustrator

Tania Neiva

Tania Neiva

I studied Fashion Design and and I did a postgraduate degree in art education. I love art and children's books. So, I decided to dedicate myself to children's illustration.