Hey! I'm Tania Neiva!

I am a Londoner illustrator born from Brazil. I started to draw very early, watching my brother making political cartoons. I also started to enjoy reading and writing as a child, as my father was a journalist, he made sure that I had many books to read. I remember spending hours reading beside Dad's huge bookcase, lost in the words of classic and contemporary writers.

Over time, the dream of becoming a professional illustrator grew stronger, but unfortunately it was a virtually impossible profession in my hometown, in Brazil, which led me to study Fashion Design at the Federal University of Ceará, the second best thing , and then a specialization in arts education at the State University of Ceará in Brazil. For 8 years, I taught drawing at two important fashion universities in Fortaleza and developed several fashion collections for some brands. I also created a blog where I wrote about sustainable fashion that became a reference in the area.

As a stylist, the jobs I liked most have always been related to children. Somehow, it seemed natural to connect with their world and achieve surprising results. I am the youngest of seven siblings. When my older brothers had children, I was still very young, which made me live with 8 nephews of different ages, providing me with great moments of fun and learning. I loved playing with them, reading stories and helping them with their schoolwork.

In 2013 I became Julia's mother and, inspired by her, I created a slow fashion clothing studio for girls. Later, I created another blog, It’s a Girl, with a focus on sustainable children's fashion and girls empowerment, when I started to focus more on the children's universe. This was the starting point for some illustrated story projects for children. After moving to London with my family, I started to dedicate myself exclusively to writing and illustrating children's stories.

Illustrating and writing are my natural way of expressing my ideas. As the days went by, I realized that I was moving away from fashion. It was clear that writing and illustrating for children was what I should do, it is what brings me joy, making me feel contributing to a better future, sharing a little of my - and my daughter's - experiences and lives. I decided to follow this path and, hopefully, make some children smile and be part of their lives.

I love every minute I spend in my creative corner, where I have the company of my lovely daughter Julia, drawing with me and giving her opinion on my work. She has a keen and critical sense that I appreciate very much. We are good partners!

Over the years I have accumulated a lotof experience in hand drawing and recently I also started doing digital illustration. Here, you can enjoy a little of my work.

See my illustrations, read about my professional journey and follow my creative process.

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